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To enable every educator to find their inner strength, resilience and passion for education to be the best they can be for the benefit of the children they teach.

Core values


You are only human! Teaching can be all consuming and can sometimes overwhelm us. Having the time and space to talk confidentially can help you reassess your priorities and achieve a better work life balance. Lockey Education wants to empower you through conversation to be kind to yourself and nurture your talents.

Self Reflection

Give yourself time to reflect on where you are and where you want to be. Guiding you to explore your potential is the key to success.


The role of a teacher is a complex one to say the least. Through shared conversations and experiences, gain helpful insights into all aspects of Education to improve your teaching and move your career forward


Mutual respect, honesty and confidentiality underpin Lockey Education. Building relationships and communicating effectively are at the heart of all we do so that you can succeed in all aspects of your teaching career.

‘Louise has been a tremendous help to me through my SCITT and NQT years. Her advice is always positive, very clear and pupil centered. She added valuable insights into my SCITT placements ensuring I pushed myself to be proactive to gain as much experience and make a positive impression. Her passion that all children deserve an excellent education shine through and helped me to really push myself to improve daily.’


North Tyneside

‘I have been fortunate to work in a school which supported my NQT year through a formal process alongside a great group of colleagues. However, in years 2 and 3 of my career, I have found it highly valuable to have Louise’s advice, guidance and expertise. Having someone to talk honestly with, who isn’t involved in the daily detail of my job, about day to day issues (is this normal? I feel I should do something about X? I’m not sure where I’d like to be with Y) and medium-term career development, has been very beneficial and enabled me to build upon my NQT years and have an enjoyable, positive and successful start to my teaching career.’


North Tyneside

Louise has worked in Primary Education for 24 years as an outstanding Teacher, Assistant and Deputy Headteacher. Throughout her career she has coached and mentored students, teachers and leaders to be the best version of themselves for the benefit of the children they teach. Most recently, Louise has worked with teachers at all stages of their career with a leading recruitment agency. A passion that all children succeed through excellent teaching, drives her ethos and commitment of enabling teachers to reach their true potential.

Classroom Science Lesson
I met Louise when working in my second-year teaching. As an NQT through the COVID pandemic, it was extremely difficult to really find my feet as a teacher because resources were already stretched. I felt that I was doing okay but I was continually getting lost amongst teaching and other parts of the job which I thought was normal. When I was introduced to Louise, I was unsure of what to expect because I had technically already completed my teacher training. However, within a few sessions, my work-life balance had already been positively affected. Once she had helped me with this, we then moved on to looking at specific areas that I was struggling with or areas of development for the children. Each session was different, but it was always evident that I was the person who was benefitting and learning. She would give me advice; I would try and test it and then reflect the next time we met. She was extremely patient and continuously made me think for myself and ultimately gain self-confidence. She is an absolutely fantastic teacher who is passionate about children’s learning and development and a wonderful mentor that anyone would be lucky to work with. Don’t ever think you already know it all because I can guarantee Louise will show you a new method or teach you something new.


‘The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own.’

Benjamin Disraeli

‘Louise has been an exceptional mentor. Her understanding and experiences in education make her someone to trust and value. Her kindness, willingness to share her own experiences and wisdom while listening closely, are all qualities that I’ve learned from. Beyond that, as a mentor, she has always tried to help me become a better version of myself. In particular, she has personally helped me in areas such as assessment and effective intervention providing excellent support across the school. Louise does not always give you the answers but challenges you to reflect on yourself in order to see solutions. I truly value the time and support provided by Louise and would highly recommend her support to anyone.’

Deputy Head Teacher


Having completed my PGCE during a pandemic, I was more than aware of the classroom based experience I had missed and the knowledge gaps that existed. I took on the role of an academic mentor and this is where I was lucky enough to first meet Louise.

A chance encounter, but it turned out to be the most beneficial one in my life to date. Louise is a very passionate, dedicated and hardworking lady. I am very grateful that she was willing to share her wealth of knowledge and experience with me. She showed me the different between just teaching and being a teacher who wants to make a difference. She was always there to listen to me, give me advice and tell me what I needed to do or change to ensure pupils were supported in the best possible way. Not once did Louise make me feel small or incompetent and I am honoured that she put her faith in me. If there is one thing every teacher needs – it’s Louise!



Teacher in class, children raising hands


Teacher in class, children raising hands




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